About Neil Schober

Highly dedicated to fitness, health, and exercise, Neil Schober founded Emerald City Athletic Club in 2010 and continues to manage its activities. While much of his effort goes into directing this club and its pool, basketball court, and other facilities, Neil Schober also dedicates a great deal of time and hard work toward maintaining his personal health and fitness.

Having owned and managed a number of health and athletic clubs before establishing Emerald City Athletic Club, Neil Schober has gained experience in the fitness industry through his many successful business endeavors. From 1987 to 1998, he owned Hart’s Athletic Club, based in Seattle. He spearheaded the creation of this company, as well as Pure Fitness, which he founded in Phoenix, Arizona, in 1999 and operated for 11 years. His experience in creating and managing athletic and rehabilitation centers extends beyond Washington and Arizona, as he created a fitness center at the Dream Center in Los Angeles, California. In total, Neil Schober has pioneered around 100 fitness clubs in the Unites States.

Emerald City Athletic Club, Neil Schober’s current endeavor, has a number of health and fitness options for clients with different goals. In addition to offering spinning and aerobics workout classes, the club features state-of-the-art equipment, an Olympic swimming pool, an indoor jogging track, and amenities for many other sporting activities. At Neil Schober’s Emerald City Athletic Club, a staff of fitness professionals is available to assist members, including personal trainers knowledgeable about nutrition.

In addition to exercising at fitness clubs, Neil Schober enjoys bike riding, hiking, and golfing, among other outdoor activities. In the past, he took his staff to the Grand Canyon for an outdoor group fitness adventure. Currently residing in Issaquah, Washington, Neil Schober spends his spare time maintaining his fitness and nutrition, participating in sports, and contributing to Christian groups and nonprofit organizations.


One thought on “About Neil Schober

  1. Thank you Neil for your raw truth and inspirational story in your book. I have been reading and trying to absorb every word. Thank you, again.

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