Gaining Wealth for His Cause

As we are gearing up to launch generosity groups the following is teaching on the principles we believe in for gaining wealth for the cause of Christ.  This is a two part series on what the bible says about gaining wealth.

Our mission with our Generosity team is to inspire, equip, and empower ‘believers’ to earn more, save more, and give more to building the kingdom of God here on earth.

For most of us we work outside the four walls of the ‘church’ and it’s therefore thought by some we as Gods people might have less of a ‘calling on us’ then those who are called into full time ministry. We believe that nothing could be further from the truth. Instead we believe that God creates us all with special gifts, talents, and abilities to play an important part in God’s overall purpose. That we all make up the body of Christ, and each and everyone of us is very important in doing and becoming who God has created us to become. Our mission and it its importance here on earth should neither be minimized nor overly exaggerated. There are millions of good and faithful Christians who lived before us and many who will live after us, yet we individually only have one life, our lives, to give back to God, therefore we should take it with a healthy level of individual importance. We should be honored that God chose us to play an important part of His grand purpose of establishing heaven on earth. We believe that it is our primary function as ‘believers’ working outside the four walls of the church to have the greatest possible impact for the cause of Christ. It should be our burning desire to support our paid staff pastors with ample finances and services to empower them to accomplish all the visions and aspirations that the Lord puts on their hearts. Together we believe that we can accomplish what man would think is impossible, through the power of Jesus Christ, and the cooperation and unity between our wonderful godly pastors and all of us who work to support them with our prayers, service and financial provision.

In order for us to in fact earn more, save more, and give more to the kingdom of God we believe it is of the utmost importance to first discuss the whole issue of earning more money. Many Christians for good reason are more than leery about the whole subject of ‘earning more money’, so I believe before we get too far down the road we should truly investigate what God has to say about it. For if he is opposed to us spending our time and energy earning and accumulating money, then everything our Generosity team does from organizing and running The School of Generosity, to setting up Generosity Groups that are focused on helping instruct, guide, and encourage people to earn more, save more, and give more is simply taking good hearted people down a road that is not only a waste of time, but more importantly dishonors God. Therefore we believe that it is wise for us to spend an adequate amount of time in the research of scriptures discovering exactly what God has to say on this very important matter.

It is impossible to give if you have nothing to give. One of the most effective strategies the evil one has executed against God’s church historically is to convince Christians that money is evil and that poverty is good or holy. Think about it. How much can get accomplished in anything without an adequate amount of money or capital? The answer of course is very little. How do you feed, cloth, or educate your children? How do you make a payroll if you run a business? How do you send money abroad to starving children in impoverished nations, let alone build a thriving church, which can reach the hurting and lost people of our own cities? The ultimate question that must be forever answered and answered effectively is, “is money evil?” In order to find the REAL TRUTH on this very important question is to search out exactly what God says about money or it’s equivalent in the Bible or His word.

Next week I will go over some scriptures that I believe can be misguided, and other that prove the importance of gaining wealth for the cause of Christ and his Church.  In the meantime, do your own study on what the bible says for you.